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2023 Pchela Scholarship Program

The Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela Scholarship Program awards scholarships to primary, middle and high school students who have demonstrated outstanding effort to promote traditional Bulgarian culture in their community and schools.

Applicants Must:
1. Be residents of Los Angeles and Orange County, California
2. Be in grades 1-12 as of Application Due Date
3. Demonstrate ambition and motivation to educate school peers and the community about traditional Bulgarian culture
4. Submit completed application to BECS Pchela by the Due Date.

Award recipients, to be known as “Pchelicki” will be selected to receive $300 awards to be used towards school expenses. Awards are not renewable. Presentation of awards is scheduled for Den na Narodni Buditely. Eligible students may receive only one “PCHELA” award every two years.

Applicants are asked to describe in two essays why education about traditional Bulgarian culture is important to them and the content of their presentation. Use of Bulgarian alphabet and language is highly recommended. Essays to be maximum of 300 words each and explain the following:
1. Main elements of their presentation and how it will be done.
2. To whom will be presented and expected impact.
3. Are there any aids and materials that will be made by the applicant.

The Scholarship Committee of Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela will make the selection of scholarship recipients. Selection will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, or disability.
To apply for the scholarship, fill out all appropriate information in the scholarship application and then complete the essays on the following pages. No purchase necessary to apply.
If selected to receive an award, the student must authorize release of scholarship application materials and photographs for use by Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela or its sponsors for promotion and publicity.

Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela will process the PCHELA scholarship award distributions. Distributions will be made in full in the Fall. Checks will be made payable directly to the recipient for payment of educational expenses.

Other than as specified, recipients have no obligation to Bulgarian Education and Culture Society Pchela. Applicants are, however, required to supply Pchela with any changes of address, school enrollment, or other relevant information. See application RULES section for more information. To learn more about Pchala Scholarship click Download Scholarship Application button.